Zoraido is a long-established family owned boutique offering a distinguished selection of urban apparel. Zoraido was founded in 1936 by Zoraido Lanzoni in the picturesque italian town of Pieve di Cento nearby Bologna in the region of Emilia Romagna.

The location has been the same since those day of it had first opened and with the last renovation, the long time covered arched structure of the 14th century building has been made visible displaying the gentle curves of the masonry structure.

The shop begun as a fabric store where local tailors and housewives would purchased fine fabrics, underwear, blazers and pants for men. The shop slowly transformed into a multi-brand boutique. It has been strongly vitalized by the daughter who undertook the managing of the store 25 years ago. Angela manages today the boutique with same everyday passion as always and since many years already also in collaboration with her husband Giancarlo Lodi.

Love for beauty, travelling and fashion are highly reflected in their choices of style and brands. The proposed selection is an interesting and original mix of products which displays a contemporary chic woman with romantic taste as well playful man with a fresh urban taste.